Print Work


I’ve designed and produced a range of posters sized to fit A-frames for the entrance of Richard Gretz Goldsmiths.





I’ve crafted and printed numerous advertising posters tailored to fit window displays.


Post Cards

I’ve created and printed several postcards for advertising needs.

Local Paper

I managed graphic design, content creation, and layout for both weekly publications and custom orders. I also crafted tailored advertisements for various clients. Alongside these responsibilities, I handled tasks like printing, copying, scanning, and laminating.

School Print Work

During my time at school, I engaged in various print projects. Pictured are some of the completed printed pieces I created. 

Firstly, An alternative approach to wine bottle design involved utilizing twine, wax seals, and custom printed labels, which I photographed and edited for a unique aesthetic.


Additionally, I designed an illustrated cereal box featuring health foods, targeting both parents and children with its appeal.


Rebranding Project

I created both the box and label for a vegan makeup product, handling the design and printing processes.